At Hughes Plane we take a personal approach to claims handling, as we believe the benchmark of any successful broker is their ability to administrate and respond to claims, however large or small.

Please contact your Hughes Plane personal advisor who will be able to talk you through the process. With us this is the same person that you deal with for all your insurance matters throughout the year.

We believe this sets us apart from the vast majority of other brokers who either outsource claims or have people dealing with your claim who do not know your circumstances. You will also find all of the information relating to making a claim in the email we sent you following inception and/or renewal of your policy.

This email was entitled “IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING CLAIMS”. If you do not have access to this please find below a link to the telephone numbers of our key insurer partners. These numbers can be also used for out of hours calls.

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HUGHES PLANE Claims Approach

  • All claims are handled by your personal advisor who looks after your account throughout the year
  • Our claims service is for the life-cycle of the claim – from notification to settlement
  • Claims trends are identified for discussion at renewal
  • Proactive advice given to help mitigate risk in the medium term as well as premium and clauses in the short term