Our Approach

There is a huge range of insurance products available. Unfortunately, many brokers return to the same standard products time after time. They may be good products – in general terms, that is – but when the cover required is unusual, or the risks more difficult to quantify, these policies fail to protect the true value of the assets covered, or impose such limitations as to prevent you fully enjoying ownership of your possessions.

Our approach is simple: we take the time to discover exactly what is required and then we find the policy which delivers it. Sourcing bespoke insurance cover in this way requires expertise and a thorough knowledge of providers and their suitability. We will only be satisfied when we have found a perfect match – and it is that level of dedication which makes the Hughes Plane team a success.

Understanding your needs

Where appropriate, we would like to visit your home to get a thorough understanding of your needs. We will:

  • Help you to assess the amount of cover you need for contents, buildings and valuables
  • Consider your current security arrangements
  • Advise you on the best ways to mitigate risk
  • Prepare a policy tailored to your exact needs and specification

Visiting your home is a key part of our method. Clients are frequently surprised when we mention something we have spotted that they have never considered valuable and have, therefore, never insured. Keeping on top of the changing values of assets, and regular assessment of your acquisitions and disposals, are essential to protect your wealth and prevent you paying for cover you may no longer require.

Are you adequately covered?

In our experience, many people underestimate the value of the things they own, and what may seem like a reasonable amount of contents cover can prove very inadequate should disaster strike. Gifts or inherited items are often, sadly, underinsured, and items collected over a period of time can build to considerable values.

We can help to put a realistic figure on the costs of replacing curtains and carpets throughout a building or help to cost the like-for-like replacement of a wardrobe full of hand-made suits. Perhaps you are a keen golfer? If your clubs were stolen would your existing policy cover the true cost of buying new?

Adequate Cover


It is often difficult to estimate the costs to rebuild heritage buildings, ones constructed using traditional techniques or materials, and those of particular architectural relevance. Individual artworks or other precious items may also need the extra attention of a specialist with a complete understanding of both current and potential future values. Should you require this service, we will be very happy to recommend appropriate experts with the necessary skills and expertise.

The Hughes Plane ‘Silent Review’

At your request, we would carry out a free review of your current insurance programme. It is not onerous from your point of view – all we need is a copy of your current insurance schedule. Our summarised report will answer the following:

  • Does your current insurer suit your needs?
  • Are the sums insured adequate?
  • Are there any unusual clauses, exclusions or policy excesses?

In addition, we will look at the amount of effort your current broker is putting into sourcing the right cover for you. Finally, we will recommend a way forward.

Our review is simple, painless, and entirely without obligation.