We understand that in many cases collectors acquire items for reasons entirely separate to their financial value. Others may have an eye on a developing market and turn a fascination into something of an investment. It is worth remembering that values of collectables and memorabilia change over time, and individual items can be valued very differently as a single item, compared to their value as part of a collection.

Some regular household contents policies may provide limited cover, but insuring collectable items is a specialised area. Perhaps you are asked to loan a piece to an exhibition will it be adequately covered? Perhaps something you have been collecting for years has suddenly become very much in vogue and its value has rocketed. A bespoke policy can take into account different ways of valuing the collection and apply appropriate limits to single or high-value items as well as ensuring that the cover is appropriate for your situation.

Some collectors are nervous about the costs of insuring their treasures but, in our experience, they do not need to be. Due to the fact they take such excellent care of the collection, premiums are often much lower than they expect.