Building Works

Many people are completely unaware that their home insurance policy will contain a value for homeworks, above which they are obliged to notify their insurer, before the work starts. On most basic policies, this limit is often low and not doing so can invalid the policy.

If you are moving out during the works, having structural work done or exceeding the works policy limit, it is very likely that your existing policy will not continue to offer cover, you will require a specialist works policy.

We can provide a policy to cover the existing structure, the contract works themselves, any direct purchase you make (such as kitchens and bathrooms), your liability to your neighbours and even a period of unoccupancy before the work starts, should the property be a new purchase, perhaps.

The policies run for the duration of your work, be that a month, a few months or over a year and they can be cut short or extended as required, depending upon how your project goes.

Crucially, these policies will include the correct cover depending upon the contract you sign with your contractor. There are various JCT and other contract types, with various insurance clauses contained within them. We will walk you through the details and provide a policy to make sure that you and the contractor are covering the sections you are contractually obliged to, in the correct names, as well as making sure that you are fully protected for any unforeseen situation.